Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The owner of Sojourn Box is Joanna Misunas.  She founded the company in late 2014.  You can read more about her here.

We want to make your ordering as simple as possible!  So, if you are placing a large order and rather not enter in each order separately, we are more than happy to have you send us your mailing list and we can ship them out from here.  We’ll just send you an invoice directly for payment.

For more information, email: [email protected]

This is a question we get often!  We love the concept of allowing our customers to customize their own box, however, at this time we currently only have our pre-curated boxes for each location.

For large orders, we do offer customization for businesses, hotels, weddings and special occasions.  For more information, please email in[email protected]

Yes!  We love working with businesses to create the perfect gift box that reflects the voice of each distinct company. We are happy to do the curating for you or can easily work directly with your company to find the right artisan products you are looking for.

For more information, email: [email protected]

At this time we are focused solely on national orders. We plan on expanding our shipping services overseas soon!

That is definitely an option! Please send an email to: [email protected] before you place an order to confirm this is available.

We are in the process of implementing a one stop weekly pickup. In which, Sojourn Box would designate a location for a specific time slot for those that ordered locally to pick up.

We ship using USPS Priority Mail:

  • ‘Taste-Sized’ Box: $7.50 per box
  • ‘Full-Sized’ Box: $13.95 per box

Purchase a single ‘Taste-Sized’ Box for yourself or as a gift, via online or in person at one of our local locations (please call for availability at local locations):

  • Mountain Feed + Farm Supply: 9550 Highway 9/Ben Lomond/CA/831.336.8876
  • Buttercup Cakes: 109 Locust St/Santa Cruz/CA/831.466.0373
  • Companion Bakeshop: 2341 Mission St/Santa Cruz, CA/831.252.2253

If you love the ‘Taste-Sized’ Box, you can purchase the ‘Full-Sized’ Box directly from our website, which will have the full-sized version of each product provided in the ‘Taste-Sized’ box. (plenty to share!) It’s perfect for yourself to enjoy or a group gathering, so everyone can get a taste!

We are thrilled to share a taste of all of our locations with you, your family and friends!

Sojourn Box is here to give you a taste or a ‘virtual visit’ (as we like to call it) to a location that may be 2000 miles away or to one you may call home. It doesn’t matter. Sojourn Box is here to help widen your overall experience and knowledge to some of the artisan products, creativity and sense of a location. We aim to give you the inside scoop to the BEST of a location with our skilled eye, opinion and taste. We want you to love each location the same way we do, an added bonus is that you are supporting LOCAL, wherever that may be.

In each box, you will receive a variety of hand selected artisan tastes representing one of the worlds greatest cities (see Featured Cities). The content will vary from location to location.  Which means no two locations will be exactly the same.

Sample products that may be included in a Sojourn Box:
Note: Each gift box will not contain all products

  • Apothecary products
  • Charcuterie (jerky + cured meats)
  • Hot Chocolate/Tea
  • Honey/jams/mustards
  • Small art pieces
  • Specialty culinary products
  • Sweet confections
  • + more

Included in each Sojourn Box:

  • A web-link to our ‘Top 10 Songs’ reflecting that location’s local music scene (computer or smart phone capable)
  • An insiders guide to the ‘Top 5’s’ reflecting Sojourn Box’s heavily scrutinized selection of local: eat/drink/sweets/shop/do/nature/events/grocery/relax

Why do we include these?

  • You can use the box to explore your new hometown (no need to scour through the onslaught of options, we’ve done the work for you!)
  • You can use the box as a travel aid when visiting one of our featured cities (just take the ‘Insider’s Guide’ with you and you have plenty to keep you entertained)
  • You can give the gift of Sojourn Box to a special visitor, a wedding party, a VIP, a relative that’s housesitting (this is a unique way of saying ‘Thanks’ without having the time to show them yourselves, the ‘Insider’s Guide’ is like a self guided tour!)
  • You can use the box to re-explore your hometown that you’ve lived in for years (it happens, we get busy and can loose touch, let the box help reconnect you!)

Any way you shake it, the Sojourn Box is enjoyed by all!

Anyone!! Yes, we truly feel that the Sojourn Box will be happily received by the masses. Okay, maybe babies won’t be so jazzed on it, but you get the picture!

Here are some fun reasons to get and give a Sojourn Box:

  • Housewarming gift (or you are new to one of our featured cities yourself)
  • Thank you gift for your house sitter
  • Looking to reacquaint with your town after a long hiatus of ‘being in the know’
  • A welcome gift to a special visitor
  • A travel aid if visiting one of our featured cities
  • A birthday gift
  • A just because gift…and really for any occasion the Sojourn Box is a welcome delight

Anything within the county limits of listed location.

Our native location is in the beautiful Santa Cruz, CA.

Definition: A temporary stay

That’s what Sojourn Box strives to offer you, a temporary stay or a ‘virtual visit’ at one of our featured cities.