Like no other gifting service, Sojourn Box connects the recipient with a richer understanding of the incredible artisan products that are being produced on the west coast. Our desire is to continually create connection and appreciation between our loyal customers and the ever growing myriad of artisanal producers. We aim to celebrate outstanding artisan talent ranging from culinary, apothecary, artists, musicians and small brick + mortar businesses.


Joanna Misunas has embodied the entreprenuerial spirit from a young age and was no surprise when she created Sojourn Box. Which is a true relfection of her love for all that is beautiful, worldly and produced with verve. Raised in Santa Cruz, she’s travelled far and wide, all while holding the west coast as a beloved destination for it’s raw natural beauty and creativity. With her passion for product discovery and evolving the nature of gift giving, she continually is drawn to explore and share her discoveries and curations. She lives in Santa Cruz with her husband and dog Walnut.

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