What a week for Sojourn Box!

What a week!

We’ve been hustling and shuffling and it shows, with 2 new artisans in our box!

I am once again amazed by the level of talent that is represented in our native location of Santa Cruz!  I had the pleasure of meeting with two bright and enthusiastic artisans this week, Mutari Chocolate and Pantry House. Both phenomenal people that create phenomenal products.  An insanely rich hot chocolate from Mutari and a savory mustard that’s like nothing else from Pantry Goods.  Check out their write ups below!

We are just about wrapping up our selections for Santa Cruz and are quickly approaching starting our next box location. We’ve got a few artisans in mind, so stay tuned to see who will make it in the box.

Have a wonderful week!

– Joanna

September 22nd, 2014|