Renewal Box
‘Full Sized’


We’ve all needed to shed away the past and start a new. We find that this curated box does the trick time and time again, with allowing you to rest, recharge and start fresh. Draw out the journal, sip some tea, apply some fragrance, light a candle and take good care with our RENEWAL box.

+ Cherimoya Rose Tea, Thao Tea: 1.76 oz tin
+ Grapefruit Cardamom Scrub, Etta + Bllie : 3.5 oz scrub
+ Exhale (eucalyptus + lavender essential oils in coconut oil base), Frisky Fish, .35 oz roll on
+ Eden Soy Candle (black fig + white oak), HOUSE by Billy Del Puerto: 10 oz tin
+ Multipurpose Balm, Everbelle: 2 oz tin

As always, every apothecary Sojourn Box your order includes:

+ A mini matchbook filled with information on each product and the artisan behind it.


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