We LOVE music!!!

Did you know that each Sojourn Box comes with a link featuring the ‘Top 10 Beats’ of each location?!

Yes, another busy week here at Sojourn Box connecting with some incredible musical talent of Santa Cruz! A big thanks to The Goodtimes and Facebook, which has allowed us to reach out to a variety of musical artists and bands.  Some were new to us. Some were familiar to us. It doesn’t matter, as any way you slice it, when you tune into your Sojourn Box music link, it will open your musical minds, ears and hearts.

So how do you get music in a box, you ask?  Good question!  Each box will contain a list of the featured artists and a link to our website (password protected) for you to experience and enjoy the musical talents of that location.  We envision you having a gnosh of a goodie from the box while doing a little happy dance to some (perhaps) new music to you!

We just know you are going to enjoy and can’t wait to get all of our artists uploaded and ready for our official launch. Below are two wonderful artists that will be in our Santa Cruz box. Check ‘em out!


October 5th, 2014|