The final COUNTDOWN has begun!

3, 2, 1…

Yes, we are on the home stretch!  Early November our Santa Cruz, CA boxes will be available for purchase!

It’s hard to believe that just 2 months ago, Sojourn Box was only an idea.  We are both amazed and proud that so much has been accomplished in such a short amount of time.  In which, we readily recognize that this couldn’t have happened without all the wonderful people that have aided in our growth along the way (you know who you are)! Thank you! Thank you!

These next few weeks we’ll be receiving the final products for our Santa Cruz, CA box, doing a photoshoot and polishing our look in every way. Then we’ll package it all up in a pretty bow and we are good to go!  We’ve been waiting for this launch and really hope you are as excited as we are!

So where can you get a box when November rolls around?
You can absolutely purchase one online through our website (the box isn’t listed yet, but will be as soon as they are available).  As far as retail locations, we are hoping to finalize placements in Santa Cruz, synchronizing with our launch!  Don’t worry, we’ll keep everyone updated of our whereabouts!

Do you love artisan craft fairs?
Well, good news! We’ve signed up for another artisan fair in December @ Bantam in Santa Cruz!  Yes, you will see that we’ll be at fairs 2 days in a row!  If you miss us at one, come and find us at the other.  Come grab a box (or few) and check out all the other amazing artisan products too!  (see below for details)

Until then if you have an questions, please let us know, we love feedback!

October 26th, 2014|