Los-Angeles_Two-HexLos Angeles, CA

This world renowned metropolis, equally famous for its beautiful weather and Hollywood stars will never lose it’s luster of where artisan trends start. Take a drive through the canyons of Los Angeles hills to capture the greatness of this Sojourn Box.

Monterey, CA

This historic seaside town is home to John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row, North America’s largest marine sanctuary, and generations of tradition. Take a dip in the waters of the Monterey experience with the Sojourn Box.

SF Two Hex

San Francisco, CA

Famous for its fog and Golden Gate Bridge, this gorgeous city blends modern elegance, foodie culture and the true California vibe…all marvelously captured in the Sojourn Box.


Santa Cruz, CA

A Central California treasure that perfectly bridges the line between coastal casual and artisan excellence. Enjoy the creativity and craft of Santa Cruz through the Sojourn Box.

SV Two HexSilicon Valley, CA

Going off the grid and getting into the hand crafted luxury of the Silicon Valley Sojourn Box allows you to experience a well-deserved break from your everyday routine.

Stay Tuned For More Cities Like These:

East Bay, California

Across the San Francisco Bay is a mecca of thriving artisan energy, marching to the beat of it’s own innovative drum.  This box will delight the inner hipster of cool.

Marin, California

A rich natural habitat combined with a cultural story steeped in the independent arts and you have what makes Marin County, and its Sojourn Box, a welcome treasure.

Sonoma, California

Going deep into the heart of wine country to relish in artisan products of every kind.  A beautiful and renewing experience is sure to be experienced with this box.

Sojourn Box is currently focusing on the Northern California
region with anticipation to grow within the remainder of
California and the States.