Joanna Misunas

Joanna Misunas, Owner of Sojourn Box

About Us

When Joanna leaves her coastal home in her native Santa Cruz, California, an intrinsic passion for exploration is awakened. From winding through the scenic back roads to vistas at ocean bluffs to meet with artisans, she has passion in her heart for local creations. Joanna harnesses her heightened senses for natural beauty given to her by her father and the desire to explore and experience new things from her mother, which she calls and relishes on for each box creation.

As a world traveler, Joanna is many times accompanied by her husband and closest friends to incredible locations that are usually off the beaten path and tucked away from those just passing through. Joanna’s keen eye for artistic quality and authenticity drives her exploration and passion for continuing to create a company that showcases the artistry of hand-made designs that are so uniquely part of each Sojourn Box.

Joanna has embraced her long noted entrepreneurial spirit and has established herself as a notable leading expert on everything artisan. Revered for her attention to detail and sincerity in creating relationships with artisan business owners, her advocacy for “Local” has enabled her to become the founder of an organization that continues to expand and promote why everyone needs to support their local businesses, wherever that may be.